Humpback Whale

MARCH 2009

Rurutu 2009. Yves Lefèvre (Raie Manta diving club) tells me. « Down below there is a cool whale, go now ! »

So I asked to myself  what is a cool whale ? Simple answer, it is a whale that tolerates the presence of the divers. This whale is a young adult, living on his own and weights probably around 10 to 12 tons or a bit more. But in fact the real question that we should ask to ourselfes is to know when man can get close to him or her.  I think that this is because this whale met divers in the first days of his life. his vision of man is very different from the one that have had his parents….

The eye

Photographs DR

“A young adult, weights probably around 10 to 12 tons”