With the silky sharks of Malpelo

MARCH 2013

For the second time, I embark on Inula, a pleasant but rustic catamaran owned by a very good Captain ( not a depressed one anymore ) Arvid!

Arvid has two homes : one is the engine room on the port side and the other is the engine room on the starboard side. Both are his main residence !
To resume the situation, there are 11 engines to maintain almost every day… And Inula never fails!

Silky sharks

Photographs DR

Our trip to Malpelo was again full of surprises. The presence of silky sharks was a major event. It doesn’t happen every year even during the right season. We were lucky even if the visibility underwater was not so great. Wheatherwise, this is an other story, once we approach the Island of Malpelo, we are under the clouds. But underwater… What a festival!

“Underwater… What a festival!”